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Yeti and Penguin games

Flamingo Drive

  • Flamingo Drive
High-Score 6180
Who BURG99
When 11/16/2022
Played 567 times
All Time High 6532
All Time Player Duffen
All Time Date 11/21/2021
Last played 01/31/2023
(Rating 4.6 Based on 5 votes)

Orca Slap

  • Orca Slap
High-Score 155224
Who Paul Whiteman
When 12/22/2022
Played 562 times
All Time High 155224
All Time Player Paul Whiteman
All Time Date 12/22/2022
Last played 01/30/2023
(Rating 3.5 Based on 2 votes)

Yeti Baseball

  • Yeti Baseball
High-Score 1527
Who Paul Whiteman
When 11/11/2022
Played 517 times
All Time High 1527
All Time Player Paul Whiteman
All Time Date 11/11/2022
Last played 11/11/2022
(Rating 4.5 Based on 2 votes)

Xmas Climb

  • Xmas Climb
High-Score 2035
Who BURG69
When 11/24/2022
Played 370 times
All Time High 2035
All Time Player BURG69
All Time Date 11/24/2022
Last played 01/05/2023
(Rating 0 Based on 0 votes)

Pingu Bash SE

  • Pingu Bash SE
High-Score 1544
Who BURG69
When 11/28/2022
Played 349 times
All Time High 2220
All Time Player toohyped
All Time Date 03/19/2014
Last played 11/28/2022
(Rating 5.0 Based on 1 vote)

Ice Climb

  • Ice Climb
High-Score 0
Who None
When No entry
Played 285 times
All Time High 12
All Time Player toohyped
All Time Date 02/22/2014
Last played 12/15/2022
(Rating 0 Based on 0 votes)
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