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Adventure and RPG games

Gold Miner Vegas

  • Gold Miner Vegas
High-Score 10054260
Who ilib
When 03/22/2024
Played 19690 times
All Time High 24627643
All Time Player claudio
All Time Date 07/18/2023
Last played 06/13/2024
(Rating 4.5 Based on 60 votes)
Gold Miner Vegas
Also known as
Gold Miner Las Vegas

Crypt Raider

  • Crypt Raider
High-Score 54807
Who Tuna
When 05/18/2024
Played 6102 times
All Time High 616084
All Time Player aaddeblok1234
All Time Date 01/10/2024
Last played 06/15/2024
(Rating 5.0 Based on 3 votes)
Use your skills and quick thinking to evade capture, collect all the orbs and teleport through 50 levels! You can also play other people's levels and create your own.

After sleeping for 3000 years you'd expect to have made it to the after life. Instead, you find yourself deep in your tomb with explorers trying to use you as their latest specimen


  • Escape
High-Score 0
Who None
When No entry
Played 1592 times
All Time High 563344
All Time Player nice kitty
All Time Date 05/12/2014
Last played 11/26/2018
(Rating 0 Based on 0 votes)

Gold Miner Special Edition

  • Gold Miner Special Edition
High-Score 50
Who TasosP
When 04/24/2024
Played 1233 times
All Time High 47225
All Time Player gama
All Time Date 04/08/2018
Last played 04/24/2024
(Rating 4.3 Based on 9 votes)


  • MotherLoad
High-Score 0
Who None
When No entry
Played 789 times
All Time High 1658669850
All Time Player BuckeyeBigNutts
All Time Date 04/13/2013
Last played 05/25/2024
(Rating 4.7 Based on 12 votes)
Mother Load

Super Dragon Mahjong The Wall

  • Super Dragon Mahjong The Wall
High-Score 93
Who TasosP
When 04/24/2024
Played 778 times
All Time High 1332971
All Time Player ilib
All Time Date 05/21/2023
Last played 04/24/2024
(Rating 0 Based on 0 votes)
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